You can give to the work of the church safely online through PayPal

*PayPal charges 1.4% plus 20p on every transaction. If you would like to explore giving through other means please do not hesitate to get in touch.

You can make a one-off donation, or make it a recurring monthly donation through paypal, and you don't need to have a paypal account.
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Gift Aid

We can claim back the basic rate of tax on any donations received from UK taxpayers - all you have to do complete the form below and click on the box where indicated.

Every £1.00 you give us will be worth £1.25.

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 I am a UK taxpayer and I want Carrickfergus Church Of The Nazarene to treat as Gift Aid donations all qualifying gifts of money made in the manner stated above from the date of this declaration until I notify you otherwise.
 You confirm that you have paid, or will pay, an amount of Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax for each year (6th April one year to 5 April the next) that is at least equal to the amount of tax that all the charities that you donate to will reclaim on your gifts for that tax year.